Friday, 19 January 2018
  • Fourth Grade
  • Third Grade
  • KG - Field Trip
  • Recess - 2nd Grade
  • Recess 4&5th
  • At Como Zoo

Welcome to Star of the North Academy (SNA) 


Events at SNA:

Afterschool program: Tuesdays, November 7th - January 2nd, 2018 (No class on November 21st, 2017)

Parent-Teacher Conferences: November 21st, 5pm-8pm, November 22nd, 8am-3pm

Winter NWEA Testing: December 4-14

Science Fair: December 15  


Star of the North Academy (SNA) is a new public charter school which opened in September 2014 in East Bethel, Minnesota. SNA is currently enrolling children in grades Kindergarten-8th. SNA is a Reward School from Minnesota Depatrment of Education (MDE).

SNA Mission: Star of the North Academy provides a caring, structured, nurturing environment; collaborative instruction from educators skilled in best teaching practices, maintains high expectations of students and staff, and motivates and engages students and staff in a safe environment of continuous learning and celebration of success.


SNA Vision: It is the Vision of Star of the North Academy to provide a highly effective learning environment for the world’s future leaders where all students learn, achieve, and graduate being able to communicate and work successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad.